Amazing Christmas Decorations

Print Many festive looking mantels are decorated with nothing more than an assortment of different size candles and candle holders. When lit they have a beautiful warm glow that in itself is festive. If you’re looking for something a little different with your own style, you can start out by thinking of a theme. If you have a collection of something you would like to display, this is the perfect opportunity to put it front and center. You may have a collection of Santas, angels, nutcrackers, or whatever you like. The key to making it look festive is ribbon. If you’re using a particular color scheme, select ribbon to carry out that theme. Gracefully weave and curl it around the different items. Blue and white and silver as your ribbon colors offer an elegant and soothing look. For more intense blue, use different shades from medium blue to light. For just a touch of blue, use more silver and white. The look below is accomplished with a sparkling blue ribbon and a blue and white print ribbon. Both ribbons are trimmed with silver. An all green mantel is one of my favorite decorating ideas. Green Poinsettias, elegant green ribbon with a reversible gold side and sparkling green stems are supported by the garland. Green sparkles cascade from the mantel like little waterfalls. Gold leaves placed among the ribbon and Poinsettias complete the look. Pinecones are a favorite with almost everyone at Christmas. These large pine cones are nestled into the Hammacher lighted garland. A red and green combination ribbon is used in two different sizes. A sparkling solid green ribbon is also swirled and curled among the pinecones. A few sparkling red stems add a little punch to the festive look. Violet is popular as a designer look. Here is an example of a violet mantel design. It is very beautiful and completely untraditional. It’s not for everyone, but it might work for you. For a wonderful winter look, try using silver and white glittery ribbon with shiny, bright red berries and sparkling icy twigs. It’s festive and bright and works beautifully with your other holiday decorations. Here’s another example of using pinecones in your Christmas mantel design. These gold pinecones are tucked into the Hammacher garland and surrounded by swirls and curls of ribbons of gold and red. Stems of gold leaves add the finishing touch. The look is warm and festive and definitely says Merry Christmas. In case you’re interested, my wreaths and garlands of choice come from Hammacher Schlemmer. They’re a little more expensive, but when it comes to quality, nothing else can compare.